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  • Estate Rental - 1 Day
  • Estate Rental - 1 Day
  • Estate Rental - 1 Day
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Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 1 Day


Let the brisk mountain air wash away your worries when you book a Tennessee Mountain Getaway at the historic Moffitt Manor. Situated amidst the trees of the Appalachian Mountains’ Cumberland Plateau, this idyllic setting sets the tone for a rejuvenating break from the stress of the day. 


Initially built in 1855, the Manor stands on a full acre of lush greenery, a picture of Victorian splendor at 4.614 square feet of space. The setting is outstanding for a day of relaxation with its six impressively refurbished bedrooms, two and ¾ bathrooms with clawfoot bathtubs, three elegantly appointed parlors with 60-inch televisions in each, a traditionally furnished library, a renovated and fully-equipped kitchen, hardwood floors, a majestic staircase, sparkling chandeliers, and grand, stately entrances. 

Escape With Our Tennessee Mountain Vacation Rental - Not Just A Destination, It's An Escape


There’s also a rustic log cabin in the back of the main estate, formerly utilized as a courthouse and honeymoon cottage by previous owners. Guests can also explore this 20’ x 32’ historic cabin and its living room, bathroom, bedroom, and fireplace. 

What comes with the Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 1 Day?

Considered the largest and grandest brick home in the county of Grundy, Tennessee, Moffitt Manor offers warmth, sophistication, and durability unlike any other in the region. The Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 1 Day includes :

With this rental, you’ll enjoy a full 24 hours of leisurely private enjoyment of the entire premises. Set up the optimal getaway with your favorite activities. Previous guests have arranged:

  • A series of essential spa treatments

  • Meals, including your preference of boxed breakfasts/lunches/brunches or hot delivered meals

  • Games

  • Photo sessions

  • Dinner or cocktail parties

  • Movie nights with carryout pizza

  • Fun research and historical studies of the Manor and outlying region

  • Exploration of the natural areas surrounding the Manor and Altamont

For dining options at the Manor, guests can choose:

  • Breakfast, lunch, or brunch boxes with personalized preferences to be discussed at your time of reservation 

  • A fully stocked kitchen, completed according to your preferences, also to be discussed at the time of your reservation

  • Hot meals prepared from scratch and delivered by the owner at a designated time. For these, you can choose either the Tennessee Gourmet Meal or the Tennessee Country Meal, or both. Both of these meals serve eight people and include home-grown organic chicken, garden-grown vegetables, a full gallon of homemade southern sweet tea, and a fruit pie from the local Mennonite bakery. Ask for details at your time of reservation.

For some fun activities and events in the outlying area:

Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse of Monteagle

This is a sprawling locale with the main building alone standing at 10,000 square feet. Enjoy the Old General Store for an old school experience complete with handcrafted gifts, country-grown meats, condiments, and jams for sale, and homemade fudge samples. Take a tour of the Louvin Brothers Museum or the Hamper McBee Moonshine Still. There are music and other events scheduled every weekend, a convenient online store, as well as lodging and meeting space on the premises.

Tennessee Aquarium

If you’re willing to ride to Chattanooga (about an hour), a whole new array of activities opens up, including the famous Tennessee Aquarium. Situated on the riverfront and separated into two expansive buildings, you’ll find freshwater exhibits in one and saltwater creatures in the other. Don’t miss the interactive shows, IMAX, and cruises along the water. 

Bigfoot Adventure Zipline

For those traveling with kids (or just those young at heart!), consider a visit to the Bigfoot Adventure Zipline! Enjoy the scenery as you’ve never experienced it before as you zip through the trees with the guidance of experienced, fun-loving staff. There’s also a family campground, disc golf course, and more. 

If you opt to dine outside the Manor or get carryout, try some of these:

Tess’s Kitchen Cafe 

Twenty minutes’ drive southwest in Pelham, Tennessee, stands Tess’s Kitchen Cafe. Choose from country food, pizza, Asian fusion, burgers, dogs, wings, salads, and desserts. The Every Day Special includes two types of meat (i.e., fried chicken, pork chops, hamburger steak, grilled salmon, chicken gizzards, etc.) with three sides (like mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage, sliced tomatoes, fried okra, pinto beans, etc.). Highly recommended by former guests: the banana pudding cheesecake, pork fried rice, and peanut butter cake. 

Smokehouse Restaurant

Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse Lodge of Monteagle also has a popular restaurant you’ll enjoy if you’re headed that way. Indulge in home-cooked southern dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, including such favorites as biscuits and gravy, sugar-cured ham, fried pickles, catfish, and bread pudding. Once you’ve eaten, head into the Old General Store for a tour as mentioned above or other activities before you get back on the road!

Fat Chunks and Dave’s

Fourteen minutes from the doorstep, you’ll find Fat Chunks and Dave’s in charming Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee. This local favorite is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Their menu features baby back ribs, chicken, steak, pork, and seafood plates with sides like buffalo wings, tater tots, fish bites, and spicy pickles with homemade ranch dressing. Don’t skip dessert - there’s always homemade cake and pie. They have a drive-thru too. 

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