New Years Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental

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  • New Years Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental
  • New Years Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental
  • New Years Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental
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New Years Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental  


Do something different this year, and bring the new year in with friends at a beautifully restored 18th-century estate tucked in the Tennessee mountains. 


The historic Moffitt Manor of Altamont, Tennessee, is the perfect blend of Victorian-era splendor and modern convenience, with spacious rooms, impeccably renovated features, and exquisitely appointed decor throughout.


Invite up to 12 guests to share in the celebration as the Manor sleeps that many comfortably in its six large bedrooms. Add to that the two and ¾ bathrooms, a refurbished and fully-equipped kitchen, three flawlessly furnished parlors with 60-inch televisions in each, as well as a traditionally arranged library.


For the history buffs, there's an additional log cabin in the back which was formerly enjoyed as both a honeymoon cottage and an old courthouse. Step inside to fully immerse yourself in this rustic 20' x 32' space, complete with a fireplace, living room, bathroom, and sleeping quarters.  

What comes with the New Year's Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental?

The New Year's Eve 24 Hour Estate Rental includes :

With this rental, you'll enjoy a full 24 hours of the entire estate, with all rooms described above as well as the cabin, for your guests' enjoyment. You can also get:

Meal options:

If you'd like meals at the estate, speak with the owner at your time of reservation. You can opt for breakfast and lunch boxes as the easiest option, choose to have the kitchen stocked with your favorite items to cook for yourself throughout your stay, or pre-order delivery of hot meals prepared by the owner. Hot meal options include: 

The owner's homemade Tennessee Country Meal, which serves eight people and comes with:

  • Your choice of fried chicken or chicken and dumplings, made from scratch with locally farm-grown organic chicken

  • Organic green beans, mashed potatoes, and other locally homegrown vegetables 

  • Buttermilk biscuits and freshly-grated coleslaw made from scratch

  • Ice cold homemade southern sweet tea, 1 gallon

  • One fruit pie from Miss Ruby's Bakery of the local Mennonite community


The owner also offers the homemade Tennessee Gourmet Meal, which also serves eight people and comes with:

  • Five cheese chicken casserole

  • Broccoli au gratin, made with the owner's homegrown organic veggies

  • Italian pasta salad tossed with fresh organic cherry tomatoes and bell peppers

  • Your choice of spring or yeast rolls from the local Mennonite bakery

  • One gallon of homemade southern sweet tea and a pie from the Mennonite bakery 


The outlying region of the Manor has many activities and events available for you and your guests once you've checked out. If you're not quite ready to head home yet, glance at these fun spots:

Spa treatments

If you're interested in a spa treatment during your stay, let the owner know, and she can tell you what's available. If you've arrived at a time when in-house treatments aren't offered, be sure to check out the following options to schedule a session for you and your guests:

Blackberry Farm

If your ride home takes you eastward, the posh Blackberry Farm has a full spa menu, including deep tissue massage and Reiki. You can reach them at 865-380-2086 for complete details.

Relache Spa

For those headed Nashville-way, the Relache Spa at Gaylord Opryland Resort offers facials, pedicures, Swedish massage, and more. Contact them at 615-458-1772 for booking.

Oak Haven

If anyone's Knoxville-bound, check out the Oak Haven Resort & Spa when planning your trip. Here you'll enjoy various massages, including a warm stone salt massage, mommy-to-be massage, and deep tissue massage. Also consider a reflexology treatment, body detox wrap with full-body brushing, and sugar scrub with a hydrating body wrap. 


Fun activities:


Knoxville Market Square: 


For those who've left the Manor and headed toward Knoxville, the Market Square might be worth a visit if you'll arrive at the right time. 

Stroll through the Square if the weather allows and drink in the atmosphere. You'll find plenty of unique shops and cafes, as well as hotels and breweries. You can also get a good gander at the street performers, a taste of the food trucks, and a view of the artwork. They frequently have festivals, concerts, and other fun activities, too (i.e., outdoor movie nights, Chocolate and Coffee Fests, etc.), so check their site here for details.

Nashville's Grand Ole Opry:


No visit to Nashville could possibly be complete without a stop at the Grand Ole Opry, where you can honor the legends of country music while cheering on its newcomers. Book a backstage tour, grab tickets to a show, or just browse the gift shop. See what's on the agenda here for future performances. 

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame:


For anyone passing Knoxville, the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame has displays celebrating the history and present of ladies at all levels of the game, from high school players to the WNBA. Head downstairs and do some dribbling, or grab a seat and enjoy the next induction ceremony of this year's Hall of Famers. Check the details and schedule here.


Are you ready to book or still have some questions?


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For more details or to book your New Year's Eve - 24 Hours - Private Estate Rental. 


Welcome to the slow-paced, out of the way, area of the country we call Altamont, Tennessee. Altamont is the county seat of Grundy County Established in the 1840s. This part of the country enjoys a slower pace of life that has welcomed and intrigued visitors for hundreds of years. The same can be said of the area today. Nestled atop the Monteagle Mountain, this small town has much to offer. One of the best-known attractions is the Historic Moffit House. "https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.com">Your text to link...

Stay In Style- Tennessee Wedding & Event Venue

 This 18th century Manor House is listed in both the national and state historic registries. It was built in 1885 by General Adrian Northcutt, a Brigadier General in the Tennessee Militia. The Manor house is known as the largest and grandest of all the brick homes in Grundy County. The Manor House is 4,614 square feet with 12 spacious rooms. Six fully furnished bedrooms, two and 3/4 baths, three beautiful parlors with 60" televisions, Library and a newly renovated fully equipped kitchen. Complete with eight fireplaces that could burn coal and wood. The Manor House is fully furnished with all the furniture one would expect in a Manor House plus all the modern-day amenities.


 The Manor House and grounds are perfect for hosting any events. This venue is ideal for any family event from large to small and everything in between. Weddings, reunions, receptions, birthdays, graduations, parties, celebrations, showers, anniversaries, holidays, and many other events.https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.comYour text to link... The Manor House can be used to support large functions held on the grounds as well, Lending to the feel of a Grand Manor House Celebration. Also located on the grounds is the Log Cabin, which was used as the County Courthouse as well as a honeymoon cabin. Today the log cabin features a living room, kitchen, fireplace, and bathroom. 


 The Manor house can be used as a home base for exploring many of the local attractions that are available in Grundy County. The county's rich history is supported by the fantastic recreational activities that are right nearby. South Cumberland State Park is an incredible recreational wilderness offering some of the areas best hiking, camping, and rock climbing. The Grundy Lakes Park is a must-visit in the area. The park surrounds many mountain lakes and streams and supports swimming, fishing, and picnic areas. There is access to a long paved road; many uses for walking and jogging. The city is also home to many mines and caves that supplied saltpeter for the manufacture of gunpowder during the war of 1812. This area has an extensive history reaching hundreds of years back. All the more reasons to visit this beautifully historic Manor House and the surrounding areas. This Manor House has been renovated with all the modern conveniences and amenities without compromising its old-world charm.

















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