Estate Rental - 4 Days

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  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
  • Estate Rental - 4 Days
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Tennessee Mountain Vacation Estate Rental - 4 Days Rental


Invite up to 25 guests for parties/activities/meals and 12 to sleepover when you book the 4-day Estate Reunion Rental at Moffitt Manor of Altamont, Tennessee. 


The Manor- Your Event Venue In Tennessee- Weddings, Birthdays & Parties


Relax and rejuvenate with your reunion guests for a leisurely four days at a historic Manor. Situated in the quiet mountain setting of enchanting Altamont, Tennessee, this stunningly restored Victorian Manor offers 4,614 square feet on a solid acre of lush, immaculately-groomed greenery. 


Within an easy stroll of the doorstep are the charming buildings of central Altamont, a delicious Mexican restaurant, and a rustic log cabin used previously as a honeymoon cottage and courthouse. Guests are welcome to explore all of the areas on-site.

What comes with the Reunion Estate Rental - 4 Days Rental?

Guests are welcome to access all rooms of the Manor as well as the log cabin behind the central estate, which is 20’ x 32’ and has a fireplace, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. 

To ensure your time is utilized efficiently during your stay, owners are available for guidance in developing your optimal 4-day schedule. An example of a previously successful 4-Day Reunion schedule is included below. 

Consider the following options for your reunion retreat:

  • Spa treatments

  • Dancing lessons and dance party

  • History buffs professor visit and study of home and region

  • Photo sessions with a professional visiting photographer

  • Games and prizes for adults and children 

  • Movie night

  • Field trips to nearby attractions in Chattanooga, Nashville, Pigeon Forge, or closer regions

  • Yoga 

Meal options are available at the Manor, including the following:

  • Meals out at nearby restaurants

  • Catering or carryout from nearby establishments

  • Breakfast, lunch, and brunch boxes (similar to continental breakfasts and cold box lunches, premade)

  • Hot meals prepared from scratch by the owner and delivered at a designated time

Care for a cocktail? For cocktails and mocktails, choose your three drink favorites from the following:

  • Martinis

  • Mai Tais

  • Bloody Marys

  • Daiquiris

  • Old-Fashioneds

  • Margaritas

  • Mojitos

  • Manhattans

  • Cosmopolitans

  • White Russians

  • Gimlets

  • Wine

  • Champagne

  • Bottled Beer

Here is the usual 4-Day Reunion Rental plan with a tentative schedule. This may be substituted entirely or in parts:

Day 1: 

9 am: Arrival and check-in, preparation for catered Premium Brunch from Natural Bridge Events

10 am: Brunch continues

11 am: Tour of the historic Manor and Altamont

Noon: Spa treatment in parlor 1 (choice of manicure/pedicures, haircut/blowouts, full-body massages, reflexology treatments)

1 pm: Spa treatment in parlor 2 “ “

2 pm: Spa treatment in parlor 3 “ “

3 pm: Coffee and tea break in the dining area, rest, dress, and prepare for dinner

4 pm: Head out for dinner

5 pm: Dinner at High Point restaurant in Monteagle, TN (dressy)

6 pm: If time after dinner, shopping at the Amish Hippie, Hallelujah Pottery, Highland Bluff Studio

7 pm: Head home

8 pm: Movies or TV in the parlor with cocktails until bedtime 

Day 2: 

9 am: Breakfast boxes in the dining area with coffee or tea

10 am: Yoga in parlor 2

11 am: Dress and prepare to leave for the day’s field trip

Noon: Head out for day’s field trip

1 pm: Arrive and enjoy planned destinations/ lunch boxes as seating becomes available

2 pm: “ “

3 pm: “ “

4 pm: “ “

5 pm: “ “

6 pm: Be home to receive hot dinner delivered by owner or carryout from Viola’s Pizza

7 pm: Dinner at home; either owner’s homemade or carryout from Viola’s

8 pm: Movie/TV or games and cocktails in the parlor until bedtime

Day 3: 

9 am: Leisurely homemade breakfast with coffee and tea

10 am: Prepare for photographer visit

11 am: Photo sessions throughout the Manor and outdoors, weather permitting

Noon: “ “

1 pm: Light Luncheon catered by Natural Bridge events

2 pm: “ “

3 pm: Prepare for segway tour in Chattanooga; head out

4 pm: Meet for the tour and begin

5 pm: Tour continues; allow for extra time for shopping, snacks, drinks, etc.

6 pm: Dinner at the Public House in Chattanooga (dressy)

7 pm: Head home

8 pm: Movie/TV and cocktails in the parlor until bedtime

Day 4:

9 am: Brunch boxes in the dining room with coffee and tea

10 am: Yoga/30 minutes, prepare for history professor visit

11 am: History professor visit with lesson and materials

Noon: “ “

1 pm: Prepare for a tour of Tullahoma and surrounding region sights

2 pm: “ “

3 pm: “ “

4 pm: “ “

5 pm: Prepare for dinner at London's in Tullahoma (casual)

6 pm: “ “

7 pm: Return home 

8 pm: Movie/TV or games in the parlor until bedtime

Check out on 4th day: 10:00 am

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