Bed & Breakfast 1 Night

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  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
  • Bed & Breakfast 1 Night
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Bed & Breakfast Inn Tennessee - 1 Night 


When it’s time to get away, there’s nowhere more romantic than the historic Moffitt Manor of picturesque Altamont, Tennessee. 


Positioned within walking distance of charming central Altamont, the Manor features an impressive arrangement of original architecture and modern convenience. 


Having been fully restored, you’ll have all the character of the Victorian era alongside contemporary amenities at your fingertips. Prepare your own breakfast in the renovated kitchen with ingredients from the fully stocked refrigerator, or order a leisurely breakfast box with the fresh continental breakfast items of your choice. 

What comes with the Bed & Breakfast In Tennessee - 1 Night?


Enjoy all the fully furnished rooms of the Manor amidst an entire acre of greenery when you book a 1 Night Bed & Breakfast. These include six spacious bedrooms, two and ¾ bathrooms, three exquisitely-appointed parlors, each featuring a 60-inch television, a library, and a fully-equipped kitchen. 


Be sure to tour the adjacent 20’ x 32’ log cabin featured on the grounds as well, which was previously used as a courthouse and a honeymoon suite. The cottage also has a fireplace, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. 


Breakfast can be self-prepared in the Manor’s state-of-the-art kitchen using ingredients from the fully stocked refrigerator. Anything from French Toast to omelets to hot oatmeal can be enjoyed with this option. Stocked items include:


  • A full dozen eggs

  • A half-gallon of fresh-squeezed orange juice

  • One loaf thick-sliced bread, fresh from the local Mennonite bakery

  • 16 freshly-cut pieces of bacon 

  • One 42-ounce container old-fashioned oats

  • Homemade blackberry and strawberry preserves

  • Assorted fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Coffee, tea, cream, milk, almond milk

  • Sugar, brown sugar, honey, agave nectar

  • Salt, pepper, hot sauce


Prefer a straightforward breakfast box instead? Choose 4 of the following eight options per box:


  • Fresh fruit (includes one banana, one apple, and one orange)

  • Yogurt (choice of peach or strawberry)

  • One pastry from the local Mennonite bakery (choice of cheese or raspberry Danish)

  • One bagel from the local Mennonite bakery (choice of plain or everything bagel with cream cheese)

  • Two toastable waffles (choice of plain or blueberry, comes with butter and syrup)

  • Two servings cereal (choice of bran flakes or puffed rice with dried fruit, milk, and sugar)

  • One 16-oz. package cut cubed cheese, homemade venison jerky, almonds, and dried fruit

  • Two servings hot cereal (choice of instant oatmeal served with dried fruit, sugar/honey/agave syrup, and cream/milk/almond milk)


Other options for your time in the Manor:


If you’re interested in a professional photo session, please see our page of suggested high-quality photographers in the area to book a visit to the Manor. Plenty of classic backdrops await if you’d like to do your own photos as well, including several ornate fireplaces, a stately grand entrance and staircase, an elegant covered balcony, and tastefully appointed decor throughout. 


After your breakfast, the remainder of the day is wide open. Set up a photo session, roam the grounds, or lounge in the Manor until checkout time -- then head out to visit some of the area’s hot spots. Here are a few of our favorites for your trip planning convenience:


The surrounding area has plenty of fun spots for visitors

Harvey’s Garden  

Approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Altamont, Harvey’s Garden offers a serene place to stroll among the blossoms or take in the beauty on one of several seating areas. Uniquely woven footpaths are even and uncomplicated to navigate, showing the way through the acreage initially envisioned by the late Harvey Templeton and later developed by his son and daughter-in-law.   

John T’s BBQ

An easy walk from downtown Winchester, your Harvey’s Garden visit could easily be paired with a dinner of beef brisket, and Tennessee stuffed taters or pulled pork and greens at John T’s BBQ. Don’t feel like eating in? Check their full menu online to take advantage of their Call-Ahead Drive-Thru and grab your order to go!

Beechcraft Museum 

Less than an hour from the Manor stands Beechcraft World Class Aviation Museum, a perfect spot to spend a rainy or cold afternoon. Enjoy countless marvels of historic aviation surrounded by rows of antique church pews for whenever you need to take a rest. The museum sits adjacent to the Tullahoma Municipal Airport. 

Jack Daniels’ Distillery

About an hour from the doorstep stands Jack Daniels’ Distillery of Lynchburg. Choose your tour and learn the process of whiskey-making from the two-mile deep cave of spring water to drop-by-drop charcoal mellowing, then straight into your glass. 


A five-minute drive from the Distillery gets you to several other sights of Lynchburg so you won’t waste a moment; there’s 51 Mechanic Street South hardware store for Jack Daniels’ memorabilia, Jack Daniels’ gravesite, Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House where Jack used to dine on fried okra a fresh pie, Lynchburg Winery if you’re ready for a tasting, and the Old Jail Museum for a tour like no other!





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