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Reception Rentals  

 If you're celebrating newlyweds or other special guests (friends from abroad, new church members), consider holding your reception at our estate. Book the day and mark this momentous occasion at historic Moffitt Manor of charming Altamont, Tennessee, to ensure they receive the proper greeting. Let them know you celebrate their arrival or new status with a relaxing afternoon in this spacious and sophisticated 18th century estate. Complete with six fully refurbished bedrooms, a renovated and thoroughly equipped kitchen, two and three quarters bathrooms, a library, and three breathtaking parlors -- not to mention the additional log cabin in back -- this venue is ideal when you need to impress your guests. 



What comes with the Reception Rental?


The Reception Rental includes :


  • A 6-Hour Exclusive Estate Rental 



The vicinity around the Manor has a multitude of fun activities waiting for your guests to enjoy. Give our favorites a glance when you're planning your visit: 





Old Jail Museum


For only the cost of a $1 requested donation, you can take a guided tour of a 100-year-old jail staffed by friendly volunteers. The history and facts you'll learn are well worth the ride over to this fascinating destination! (Note: They claim Jesse James' name is written on the wall, but some say it's spelled wrong and dated after he was already dead.)



Diamond Gusset Jean Company


Stop into this popular Lynchburg store and try on a pair of Diamond Gusset jeans -- you may never wear any other brand again! Durable, comfy, unique, made in the USA, and sold by the friendliest staff you'll find. These jeans are especially popular with folks in construction, long-distance motorcycle riders, etc. They also make shorts, ladies' styles, and more.



Chattanooga Brewing Company


Taste the beers, stay for the food, and enjoy the friendly southern company. Got an hour or two to spare? Come sit down in the ample seating area, choose from the variety of beer on tap, watch the game on one of the large TVs, and nibble on tasty wings, burgers, veggie burgers, nachos, brats, and more (there's even a vegan hummus wrap on the menu!).



Chattanooga Zoo


This zoo was designed to let visitors observe the animals and their behavior closeup. Guests are especially dazzled by the stunning snow leopard, red pandas, and camel rides. Check hours and admission availability and prices for the day you plan to go -- they appear to start at $10.95 at the time of this writing. 





Market Square


Weather permitting, Market Square is the place to stroll through and enjoy everything from artwork to food trucks to street performers. Check the schedule for the date of your visit to see if there's another festival, concert, or cultural event-- they have them there often (Asian Festivals, Farmer's Markets, Chocolate and Coffee Fests, family movie nights on Fridays, etc.)



University of Tennessee


The perfect follow-up to a brunch in Market Square! Take a walk around this beautiful campus located along the sparkling river, or hop on a free trolley from various stops on campus to places throughout the city. If you can catch a football game, the vibe should be worth your while, but otherwise, it's still a lovely campus to relax and catch up with friends.  



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