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Altamont Tennessee Manor 

  Are you looking for a hideaway or a venue away from the hustle and bustle of a big city? Don't look far. An Altamont mansion stands high in the mountains of middle Tennessee with a 4400 square foot land is open to accommodate a group of 14 (6-bedroom space), a bathroom with two clawfoot tubs, two showers, three family rooms, a chef's kitchen, and a lot more. The mansion is in great shape, with a most recent renovation and restoration that was done without sacrificing its vintage touch. Every room comes with elegant wall coverings, plush lounges, imported chandeliers made of crystal, a handful of classic antique decors, and vintage ornaments. The property is owned by a rich old maid spinster, "Fannie Moffit." This beautiful mansion is on the National Historical Society. Some of the original relics of Miss Fannie Moffit are displayed in a foyer curio throughout the old Victorian mansion.


 Guests will feel the Christmas spirit as they will be welcomed with Christmas decorations upon entrance. The manor is maintained spotlessly clean; the bed linens are sanitized, fresh towels are provided, the pantry and fridge are stocked. On the first night's stay, a southern meal of your choice will be prepared (catered Tennessee Country Meal or Gourmet Feast). The all-organic (made from scratch and fresh from the owner's garden) southern meal is consists of fried chicken or chicken & dumplings, coleslaw, canned green beans, mashed potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and a freshly made gallon of sweet tea. The all-organic gourmet meal (made from scratch and fresh from the owner's garden) consists of 5 cheese chicken casserole, broccoli au gratin, pasta salad, spring rolls, or yeast (made from the local Mennonites farm), and a freshly made gallon of sweet tea. It is such a giveaway!

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 A high-speed internet is available, as well as NetFlix and cable. If you love being outdoors, enjoy a short walk around town, visit a local diner, parks, souvenir shops and a lot more. 


 Here are several tourist attractions just a few minutes away from the Victorian mansion:


Boardtree Falls - enjoy the beautiful scenery and the well-marked trails. 


Cumberland Caverns - people rave about this place, it is considered as America's greatest caving adventure haven.


South Cumberland State Park - is the best hiking and backcountry camping destination in Tennessee. 


The Incline and Lookout Mountain - residents and tourists from around the world are raving about this historic Lookout Mountain ride.


Bigfoot Adventure Zipline - experience your first zipline. Their zip line instructors are well-trained to let you experience a safe and enjoyable ride.


Sculpture Fields at Montague Park - this public park sits in a 33-acre land with larger-than-life sculptures from all over the world are displayed here.


Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery - this place is not only for whiskey lovers. Come and visit this unique tourist attraction and find out.


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