The History of The Fannie Mofffit Manor - Your 2020 Wedding & Event Venue

Sitting in the front foyer when you enter the historical manor, stands a 1923 oak curio cabinet with some of Fannie Moffit's original belongings adorning the shelves. From an old shoe she wore before her death to a couple of her hats, a school book and bible resides there along with a couple pieces of old milk glass as well as a tea pitcher that plays music when you pour tea from and a few other relics that was found during the renovation of 2019. Dennis Sons, the new owner says the milk glass tea pitcher "was wrapped in silk and hidden underneath the home's foundation" while he was searching for a broken floor joist. He also found some diphtheria vaccination never opened dating back to 1923 and a porcelain shaving dish.

The Manor is an 1800's, 19th-century mansion listed in the State & National Historic Registries. Built by General Adrian Northcutt and later sold to his niece Fannie Moffitt. Fannie was an old maid and a very eccentric person who took exception care of the estate and never had children. She had one dog and a love for the finer things in life. The dog would eat from her table when she ate her meals. Local folks helped Ms. Moffitt with her garden, house, and lawn upkeep. She inherited stock in concrete foundries, timber companies, and a newspaper, making her a very wealthy woman.

Fannie Moffitt Was a Big Part of Grundy Counties' History

Short and weighing over 200 pounds, Miss Moffitt would order a stockpile of dresses from Sears and Roebuck Catalog, and when they arrived, she would cut 2-3 dresses apart at the seams only to mismatch and make new ones from. She was eccentric, to say the very least. She was often seen around the small town of Altamont. Locals were afraid of Miss Moffitt because she would shoot at intruders with a shotgun. She would usually buy milk-glass and only the most expensive antiques for her Manor.

After Ms. Moffitt died in 1956, she was buried in a copper casket. The state was vacant for many years. Vernon Northcutt, a descendant of the original builder Adrian Northcutt. He owned the estate for many years. In the 1990's Joe & Harriett Gray purchased the Manor from Mr. Northcutt. It was run as a successful B&B for many years, and Mr. Gray was the local pastor and friend of the late Fannie Moffitt.

The History of The Manor Wedding & Event Venue After The Death Of Fannie Moffitt

In 2019 the hairs of Joe & Harriett Gray sold the Manor to Dennis & Tammy Sons, residents of Altamont. The Sons' family has done extensive remodeling to The Manor and as of January 2020. After a long and extensive remodeling project was completed by a contractor from Washington state, it is now being opened as a venue for events such as weddings, birthday parties & celebrations as well as a Tennessee Mountain Vacation Rental. Tammy Sons stated when asked by a local newspaper what was it like to restore history; she says "I have always loved to see things made functional and pretty again and the Manor had such great potential that I was willing to purchase it and see a dream come true for the community and people of Altamont to enjoy this home being in the center of our small town for at least another couple centuries." The home is listed for sale by Coffee County Realty, but until it sells, Mrs. Sons are going to enjoy doing what she does best, she states " to continue to add little things to it and start on the exterior and make it beautiful like the interior." She goes on to state, "if it never sells, I will enjoy it and have had phenomenal interest from 16 people wanting to have their wedding at the Manor this year alone, and it's only been listed for eight days as a venue".

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