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Have Your Event At The Manor - Your Tennessee Mountain Rental Home & Venue

Nestled quietly in Grundy County, sits the largest and most exquisite home. The Moffitt Manor. This 1 acre 18th-century historical landmark, is sure to meet all your venue needs. Located in Altamont, Tennessee, seated upon Monteagle Mountain. Located conveniently 1 mile away from the cities attractions, this private venue doesn't disappoint.


It was built in 1885 by General Adrian Northcutt. General Northcut was formerly a captain in the Mexican War, who later became a part of the Tenessee Militia as a Brigadier General. Additionally, General Northcut also served as a member of the Tenessee Legislature.


Later the property was attained by another member of the Northcutt legacy, who inherited the property. The home was later donated to the county by another member of the Northcutt family, Adrian Northcutt.


The Moffitt Manor ( is a spacious, beautifully landscaped six-bedroom, four-bathroom home. Made entirely from brick, this home is equipped with three separate parlors, that are each equipped with their own 60-inch television. There is also a library on-site, as well as a fully renovated kitchen that is ready for use. Additional amenities and attractions are only a mile away from the Manor. Others are within a 2-hour radius from the property. Making your stay both comfortable and convenient. This multi-use facility would be the ideal venue for your next big event. This venue is fully capable of hosting the following:


Birthday Party


Reveal Party


Bed & Breakfast


Private Reception

Valentine's Day



July 4th


Tenessee Mountain Rental

Fannie Moffitt Stomp

Bridal Shower

Baby Shower



This home is additionally knowns as The House of Fortune ( due to its wealthy history. Seated opposite the home is a park, which houses a beautiful gazebo, providing the perfect aesthetic view for all of your visual desires. With its antique decorum, this home is fully capable of accommodating your taste. This home can easily entertain guests of all ages. Each room is cozy and decorated with its own personality while maintaining the historic feel of the venue with a second-story balcony overlooking the entrance. The property is equipped with on-site attractions that will fascinate your guests. There are eight fireplaces, on-site for your guest to enjoy. As well as a log cabin formerly used as a cabin for honeymooners, and the county courthouse. It is providing that historical feel that will take any event to the next level.


The Moffitt Manor (, also known as the House of Fortune, is the perfect venue for your next event.