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  • Estate Rental -  2 Days
  • Estate Rental -  2 Days
  • Estate Rental -  2 Days
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Have Your Event At The Manor - Your Tennessee Mountain Rental Home & Venue 

Have you ever had to look for different venues and decorate for important events such as graduation, banquets, wedding, birthday parties, retirement, and so on, but it was not as perfect as you like? Look no further! Have your event at the Manor in Tennessee, where everything is decorated with exquisite taste, and great food is prepared. You will not regret it. Not to mention, you can rent a home and venue for any event.


 It would be great to rent for:


 Birthday Parties


 Reveal parties


 Bed & Breakfast


 Private Reception

 Valentines Day



 July 4th


 Tennessee Mountain Rental

 Fannie Moffitt Stomp

 Bridal Shower

 Baby Shower


 You will feel right at home while enjoying many sceneries, and having a great time with family and friends along with an unforgettable vacation.

Tennessee Mountain Vacation Rental and Venue Is #1 For Events


 Tennessee Mountain rental is a great experience, especially when you want to relieve stress. The best part, it is available anytime throughout the year. Depending on your preference, it can be rented up to five days, and up to 16 guests are included. While on your getaway, you and your guests can enjoy a spa and wine tasting for an extended weekend. To add, Fannie Moffitt Stomp is in Altamont, Tennessee. It is opened every fall. This place has many festivities for children and adults. Some of the activities include hula hoop contests, art and crafts, hat contest, music, and more. Fannie Moffitt Stomp has a home with six bedrooms that can be booked as well. There are many things to do to keep you occupied, such as make cocktails, watch television, and cook in the kitchen. 




 The best part for booking bridal shower, retreat, anniversary, reveal parties, baby shower, Valentine's Day, July 4, and more, is that every event is laid out exquisitely from the decorations to creating a beautiful view at Moffitt Manor estate. There is a time limit for each event. If you are staying at least for a day, bed and breakfast will be great to start your day. To top your event off with guests, pictures can be taken for memories to be cherished. You and your guests will be able to look for the perfect backdrops throughout the estates for the photographs. If you do not have a professional photographer, there are many choices to go with. You will have to call or email the photographer of your choice. 




 You won't ever be bored at any event that you decide to do because there are games, food, gifts, and places to explore. If you chose to celebrate or have more fun, there are great locations that are local, which will create a perfect trip for everyone to enjoy. Here is a list of local places to look into:


  • Louvin Brothers Country Music Museum
  • Hamper McBee Moonshine Still and Artifacts 
  • Short Mountain Distillery
  • Tennessee Aquarium
  • Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 2 Days


    When it comes to a getaway, you won't find any setting more serene than a restored Victorian manor nestled in the awe-inspiring mountains of Tennessee -- and you'll need a full weekend to take it all in. 

    Moffitt Manor of Altamont, Tennessee, offers a tranquil, historic space equipped with six carefully refurbished bedrooms, two and ¾ bathrooms with clawfoot bathtubs, a traditionally appointed library, three elegant parlors, and a fully-equipped renovated kitchen.

    Throughout the home, you'll enjoy a unique blend of Victorian architecture, original features, and modern convenience. From the hardwood floors, distinctive wall coverings, ornate fireplaces, and picturesque entrances to the elaborate staircase, stunning views, sparkling chandeliers, and lovely covered balcony, guests will be dazzled no matter where they look.

    There's even an additional log cabin behind the Manor, which previously served as a courthouse and honeymoon suite. It's 20' x 32' in size and has a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and fireplace. Guests are encouraged to explore this historic rustic cabin as they wish.

    What comes with the Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 2 Days?

    The 2-Day Getaway is open to creative ideas. You can design your weekend, or let us do it for you. Guests have previously enjoyed the following schedules:

    The Breakfast/Lunch Box and Spa Treatment Package:

    • Day 1: Breakfast boxes, manicures, and pedicures for two guests, lunch boxes, hydrotherapy wraps, hot meal option #2 and movies in the 1st parlor

    • Day 2: Breakfast boxes, full-body massages for two guests, lunch boxes, reflexology treatments, hot meal option #1 and a guided tour of Altamont and visit to the local heritage museum

    The One Day In, One Day Out Package:

    • Day 1: Self-made breakfast and showers at your leisure, prepared games, and appetizers in the 1st parlor, lunch boxes are served while a local history professor visits with a lesson on the Manor and history of the surrounding region, hot meal option # 1 and movies in the 2nd parlor

    • Day 2: Self-made breakfast and leisurely showers, guided tours of Altamont and surrounding region starting at 11 am, lunch boxes served in the rustic log cabin with homemade sweet tea, ride through Chattanooga, shop and get pictures at the Choo-Choo, hot meal option #2 served upon return to the Manor

    The Dress-Up and Photo Session Package:

    Bring several of your favorite outfits and pose for the professional photographer throughout the Manor like supermodels! 9 am breakfast boxes are served, 10 am starts the first photoshoot, 11 am outfit change, continuous outfit changes on the hour until 3 pm. Lunch boxes are served at noon to be eaten at the guests' discretion while the photographer takes a break. The first basic set of photos is free of charge to two guests. Hot meal option #2 is served at 6 pm, optional.

    For dining options at the Manor, guests can choose:

    • Breakfast, lunch, or brunch boxes, pre-order at the time of booking

    • Stocked refrigerator for self-cooking, pre-order at the time of booking

    • Hot meals homemade and delivered by the owner (Option 1: Tennessee Gourmet Meal, Option 2: Tennessee Country Meal, each serves eight, get details at time of booking)

    For some fun activities and events in the outlying area:

    Short Mountain Distillery:

    Just a 56-minute drive from the doorstep reaches Woodbury, TN, and the well-loved Short Mountain Distillery. Learn how they make moonshine and bourbon through your preference of tours, tastings, and cocktail classes -- and buy some to take home with you. If you get hungry while touring, they have a full menu restaurant with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails for every day as well as brunch on Sundays.


    Chattanooga Zoo: 

    If you don't mind a ride of about an hour, you can get into the Chattanooga area and kick off the fun! The Chattanooga Zoo stands on 13 acres, where you can tour through approximately 860 different animals on your own or upgrade your admission price and take a guided tour Fridays through Sundays. Check their website ahead of your visit; some exhibits require reservations.

    Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe:

    If you're a fan of the Man in Black and you can make it to Nashville, (appx 1 hour and 40 minutes), let this be your first stop. This collection is approved by the Cash family and boasts of being the most extensive assortment of bonafide Johnny Cash memorabilia in the world. 

    After you've toured the museum, stop in at the Kitchen and Saloon next door for lunch or dinner. Breakfast is served until 2 pm on weekends only.

    If you opt to dine outside the Manor or get carryout, try some of these:

    Country Food:

    A 22-minute ride gets you to Tracy City and the mouthwatering entrees of City Limits restaurant. Get a fried chicken plate special, breakfast biscuits with sausage, egg, and cheese, hot wings, burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, pizza, fries, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, and more. City Limits is open from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays and closed on weekends.

    Pizza, sandwiches, salads:

    Northcutt Family Market in Pelham, (about 16 miles from the Manor), has fresh subs, savory salads, country fried steak, homemade chili, loaded baked potatoes, pulled pork sandwiches, and made-to-order pizzas. Favorites are the chicken noodle soup and homemade banana bread.


    Los Portales Mexican Restaurant is a stroll away from the Manor, where you can enjoy tasty Mexican dishes until 9 pm weekdays and 10 pm Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Mondays. Sizzling fajitas are a favorite on the menu here.


    Tess's Kitchen Cafe of Pelham, TN, has a range of foods including Asian fusion with such dishes as stir fry and teriyaki with pork or chicken, spring rolls, lo mein noodles, coconut chicken, sweet and sour chicken, black pepper chicken, fried rice, and more. 

    Are you ready to book or still have some questionsFor more details or to book your Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental Estate Rental - 2 Days. 



 To ensure all of your questions or concerns are answered, email, or call for details and to schedule your getaway!


















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