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Why You Should Celebrate Your Christmas At Moffitt Manor 

When carrying out small family events that can last for more than one day, you need to book a venue that will make your visitors feel comfortable during their stay at the place. There are many factors you should consider for you to choose the best place to host your event. One of the exciting places where you can hold your small event or party in the United States is at the Historical Moffitt Manor. The Manor has been designed in a way that will make your visitors enjoy their stay to the maximum. It is located in downtown Altamont, and the geographical area there plays a role in improving the value of the house.

  Moffitt Manor is built high on the Mountains of Middle Tennessee, and it is nicknamed the house of fortune. Who is the owner of the house? Fannie Moffitt, who is a wealthy old maid spinster, is the owner of the prestigious house. It is an old house that has undergone some renovations and equipped with all the necessary digital compartments that a classic house needs. It is the best place where you can host your baby shower party and make the event stay memorable to your family members and friends.

 Moffitt Manor is a quality house that is made of upscale hardwoods, and the floor is made of ceramic tiles. Every room is covered with elegant wall coverings, and it has a total of six bedrooms, two showers, two clawfoot tubs, and a chef’s kitchen. If you visit the house during the winter season, there are numerous fireplaces where you can warm your body both indoors and outdoors. Otherwise, there is an air conditioner to help cool the environment during hot seasons. The house has one vast and elegant sitting room equipped with all the luxury entertainment equipment and accessories. During special occasions like Christmas, the sitting room is heavily decorated.

  When you arrive at the house, the Manor is always clean, the bed linens have been sanitized, and the fridge is stocked with an array of food items and drinks. If you think the stock in the fridge and pantry is not suitable for you and your family, you can order a meal of your choice. The owner of Manor is a highly experienced and reputable cook. You can enjoy the Tennessee Country Meal while you are there, and on the first night, you will enjoy the Gourmet Feast.

 During your stay at Moffitt Manor, you can visit the downtown Altamont and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the historical monuments and buildings in the city. You will get to see the Victorian mansion, an ancient building in town. Besides, you can also visit the park, which is just across the street as well as the local diner. You also have an option to go for hiking at the residential stone door. Some people love to stay indoors and spend most of their time on social media platforms and the internet. We also have you catered as there is unlimited wife connection so you can enjoy yourself to the maximum.

  Security at Moffitt Manor is not a problem because it is enhanced with the availability of exterior lighting. Every room is equipped with a fire extinguisher that will help you during fire accidents. As if that is not enough, the house also has carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors to help you run away from any suspicious fire danger.

 All visitors are welcomed at Moffitt Manor, both long-term and short term renters. Take your family this Christmas holiday for a night out at Moffitt Manor and have a taste of the Southern meal and adventure.