The Manor- Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental & Event Venue

The Manor- Tennessee Mountain Getaway Rental & Event Venue

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 25th 2020

Have Your Event At The Manor - Your Tennessee Mountain Rental Home & Venue

A Manor, Estate, grand-scale residence, and historic landmark checks all the boxes of the best venue for planning a once in a lifetime event. Harking from the 18th century 1856 to be exact today through extensive renovations in specific areas, this massive space is the grandest of all the homes in the county for a good reason. Check out for comprehensive information on everything there is to do here and in the surrounding area.

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Rich Retreat

Named for a rich spinster Fannie Moffitt Stomp who brought an air of wealth to it as the locals affectionately called it the house of fortune, it sits perched high on Monteagle Mountain on 1 acre of breathtaking beauty. It is your quintessential Bed and Breakfast or event site for a retreat. A great getaway where you can find solitude refreshing scenery, spa services, and so much more from 24 hours to 5 days. A change of scenery can be just the perfect touch that everyone, at some point, desperately finds necessary and how life-changing can the view from the window of this Tennessee mountain rental be.

This estate houses:

12 rooms including six bedrooms and 2 3/4 baths

Three parlors

Two living rooms

a library

eight fireplaces

and more

Just off the main is a log cabin where many memories have been created for couples as a honeymoon or regular retreat, a getaway of solace for one, two, or a group. Any special event can be played out in a breathtaking and well-equipped venue. So whether planning your many B's like birthday party, bridal, baby, or banquet consider all that the Manor holds in the atmosphere. For birthdays why not indulge in a historic space that is immaculate and ready to celebrate with a high menu of family favorites. For some, it is time for the bridal shower. With very stylish and feminine touches throughout, it is perfect for bringing the bride and her party to spend time celebrating in a choice in one of three rooms. The next step after a beautiful bridal shower is the wedding, which can be daunting; however, Moffit Manor holds everything on-site with overflowing options of packages. Each choice contains amenities, access to touches meeting your vision from festivities to feast.

Baby comes next, so sharing this great moment, whether a traditional shower or reveal party, is meant for a venue such as the Manor. Friends and family will be impressed with the decorative potential available here. It is Victorian-inspired, which can be made exclusive whether celebrating the coming Prince or Princess.

Unique holidays like the Fourth of July, Valentine's, and others throughout the year are made for how grand this estate is. Graduations, retirement, anniversary, you name it each area can be transformed into just what you need. Any event or milestone can be spent in this historical beauty found at So take a perfect look at the gift you have in Moffit Manor to explore and experience the memories of a lifetime.