Middle Tennessee Offers A Perfect Event Venue For Parties, Gatherings & More

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 25th 2020

Having An Event In The Altamont TN Area?

Sponsoring an event can be a very stressful experience. You want it to be perfect, as everyone will be talking about it, before, during, and afterward. It affects your reputation, as well as who the event was hosted for. You do not want anything to go wrong, and you also want to impress people at the same time, so where do you go?

In Altamont Tennessee, there is a beautiful old mansion that was built in 1885 for Fannie Moffitt. It is decorated with Victorian period splendor. However, it also has modern amenities, with updated electric, plumbing, and kitchen facilities. It was previously bed and breakfast, and a huge success. As a venue spot, it will continue to have even more success, as there is plenty of room, inside and out. There is also a honeymoon cabin for the bride and groom following weddings.

Check out the website at https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.com, to see pictures and gather more information. Not only can you have a wedding reception here, but you can also host birthday parties, retirement, bridal, baby showers, and even "reveal" events. Why not plan a special night for your anniversary or Valentine's Day, spending the night in one of the bedrooms. There is room for private receptions or banquets, whatever you wish to do.

There is room for a few different small venues being held at the same time, so it should be possible to have your event when you want when someone has booked space too. Don't forget to check their website at https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.com. View the photos of both inside and outside to see where you want to have your event. The Manor does not have catering available, but they do offer suggestions of local companies to use.

Moffitt Manor has 4,614 square feet of space in it. It boasts six bedrooms, 2 3/4 bathrooms, three parlors, chandeliers, an updated kitchen, and even a library. The walls are covered with "period" wallpapering. Eight fireplaces are available throughout the mansion, both wood, and woodburning stoves to keep you warm and cozy. It sits on an acre of land for you to have spectacular outdoor events under a party tent.

No matter what time of year you visit Moffitt Manor, you will be pleased with the appearance both inside and out. They go all out for the Christmas Holiday with lights outside, and garland hung with care. During the Spring and Summer, plants and flowers come alive to add to the beauty of this mansion. Fall is also a magnificent time to go, with all the trees on property putting on their own show.

Please remember to keep in mind that it is a historic manor and all must respect that. Nothing is to be hung on any walls or furniture. Nor are you allowed to throw rice or birdseed, near any entrances, or exits. While you may have beer and wine at functions, no liquor is allowed, and a must be served by a licensed bartender or catererBook your event today, for lasting memories.