​Have Your Event At The Manor - Your Tennessee Mountain Rental Home & Venue

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 25th 2020

In Southeastern Tennessee, on a well-kept acre sits Moffitt Manor. Not far from the center of Altamont, Tennessee sits this charming Manor. It sits atop of Monteagle Mountain; the home is well known for being the grandest of brick homes throughout Grundy County.

Here at the Manor, there are a number of ceremonies held each year, as well as rentals for private parties. Here are some reasons you might consider hosting your next bash at Moffitt Manor:

Weddings are the perfect time to showcase your love for one another and with a backdrop of a true southern plantain like Moffitt Manor, there is no better place to host your wedding. The home is a little further south than Nashville, Tennessee but you still get that Nashville experience since its only a short drive away. You can rent the Manor for use with access to rooms inside the mansion for prepping the bridal party and welcoming guests for your big day.

Have a birthday party coming up, and you don't want guests trampling through your home or do not have enough space for the number of guests coming? What about a special birthday? Perhaps a sweet 16? What about a Quinceañera party? Is your Spanish Princess meeting that time where the day is all about her becoming into a woman? If so, consider Moffitt Manor for your next party.

Banquets are perfect times to have your business get together to discuss business while enjoying great food. Here at the Fannie Moffitt Manor, you can host that lavish outdoor banquet against the nestles of the hills in the background. You can experience the great outdoors in style and welcome guests to enjoy a night or day with scenery, unlike any other banquet they have attended by hosting at https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.com.

Maybe you are planning a shower of some kind. Whether it be a bridal shower, baby shower, men's retreat, a bachelor party, or even a private reception, the Moffitt Manor is sure to be the home for your needs and wants. With easy accessibility to Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, and many more places, the Altamont, Tennessee home is sure to be a hit among the family and friends and co-workers visiting for the day.

You might have a special day coming up, and you are looking for a Bed & Breakfast, the Manor is available for these needs as well. You might be considering the option of hosting a retirement party for friends; the Altamont, Tennessee Manor is available for these get together's as well. With Valentine's Day coming up quickly each year, the holiday following New Year's would be perfect for that romantic get-away from the stress of everyday life with the rental of the Manor at https://www.tennesseeweddingsvenue.com.

Other times of the year that you might consider visiting and hosting a get together is the July 4th holiday, a graduation party for that graduating senior, or even just for a retreat, whether it be for men or women. Choose your next event to be held at Moffitt Manor.