About The Manor

Nestled on a full acre of well-manicured greenery in southeastern Tennessee stands the historic Moffitt Manor. Conveniently situated less than a mile from the city center attractions of Main Street in charming Altamont, Tennessee, high atop Monteagle Mountain, the Manor is known as the largest and grandest of all the brick homes in Grundy County.

Weddings At The Manor

If you live in Nashville, Birmingham or Atlanta, and you're stumped to find a wedding venue, consider going out a little further in your search and take a look at Moffit Manor in historic, Altamont, Tennessee. An 18th-century manor originally owned by a wealthy spinster named Fannie Moffitt, the 4400-foot mansion has six-bedrooms, two clawfoot tubs, two showers, a fabulous chef's kitchen, crystal chandeliers, numerous fireplaces, three family rooms a parlor, and two foyers. And oh, by the way, Moffit Manor has been completely restored to be a meticulous masterpiece.